Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be a Wedding or event stylist?

Being a stylist gives us the opportunity to create and design weddings and events, as well as sourcing new hire products. We spend our time styling and arranging lots of fabulous decor for our delighted clients, but there is a lot more to being a stylist. Behind the glitz and glamour and the creative inspiration is a lot of planning and hard work. 

The cold hard facts of being a stylist!

From warehouse to the event site you are essentially a glorified van driver and furniture mover. There’s no need for gym memberships around here! If you like lifting heavy boxes and equipment up stairs, climbing up very tall ladders, pushing heavy trolley’s and sack-trunks over gravel, across sandy beaches and through muddy fields in the scorching sun or pouring rain, then you will love being a stylist.

When most people are having a lie-in or brunch with friends on a Saturday morning, our heart rates are pounding and we are in action mode. We have strict time frames and deadlines to meet. Although it can be hectic, we maintain our cool and casual appearance and always get the job done! We do occasionally get a little red faced and sweaty, when its 30 degrees and you find us, most often it is my husband, Mark up a ladder in a very very hot marquee.

Don’t forget that we need a constant supply of plasters, regular manicures and I am often covered in cuts and bruises, which become part of our peak season fashion attire!

The weather never stops us!

When the weather man says there’s a massive storm or the UK gets a hot summer, we just take it in our stride, rain, hail or shine the show must go on! Working through the unexpected and sometimes harsh weather conditions is a normal day at work for us.

Hidden skill sets every stylist requires!

You heard it first here, but to be successful in the industry a few ‘out of the box’ qualifications are essential for every budding stylist.

You must be an organisational extraordinaire, a firefighting and problem solving guru, a tree climbing ninja, a counsellor, handyman, an obsessive creative and perfection extremist, a builder and maker of crafts, and you MUST be relentlessly passionate about making people’s dreams come true.

Working in the wedding and event industry, means we meet a lot of wonderful people who share a passion for their work, which is a blessing many people don’t have in their working day. Living and working with your passion is something many people can only dream of achieving, but we do it every single day.

Sure enough, working in weddings and events is not always 100% total fun and happy sunshine, there are some routine tasks that need to be completed, and it can be very stressful at times. At the end of the day however, every event has a deadline and the nearer it draws, the more hectic it becomes and the more excited we feel. Nothing beats the feeling when an event comes to life as planned and we see the delighted smiles of our clients.

“We love what we do and there is nothing more satisfying than watching the bride and groom walk into their reception with a look of awe, catch their breath and then smile delightedly at their guests”, says Vikkie, Creative Director.

We love being able to meet our new clients, getting to know them, their likes and dislikes, and their loves and priorities, then transforming their dreams into a visual fantasy and creating something truly amazing for them.

What do we love about our jobs?

  • Travel, being able to visit venues that are sometimes hidden gems, or so unique and breath taking that it makes us realise how lucky we are to be doing what we do.
  • It is working under pressure to strict deadlines, and when it all comes together, surprising our wonderful clients with a stunning design for their wedding or event.
  • It is that feeling of satisfaction, walking away knowing we have created the ultimate setting and ambience for our clients.
  • It takes a certain type of person to thrive in the events world with endless hours of planning, preparation, and problem solving going on behind the scenes.

Our job is to make it look easy, but there is a lot more to it than meets the eye. Some might question our sanity, but one thing is for sure, we genuinely love what we do.

Our typical day!

Our days are so varied and can range from loading and unloading vans in-between weddings and events, driving hundred’s of miles during the week delivering hire props and furniture.

We also spend the week working with couples attending  venue visits to discuss wedding design’s and styling, also meeting suppliers on site to work through on the day logistics. Then there is the creation of mood-boards, emails, quotes, fixing stock, buy new stock and attending photo-shoots with other industry suppliers.

Our working day is never the same and we get to work with so many wonderful couples, we are honoured to be apart of their special day.